YouTube Vanced for Rooted Devices: Everything You Need to Know :

Hello and welcome to our comprehensive guide on YouTube Vanced for rooted devices. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about this popular app, from its features and benefits to its installation process and FAQs. Whether you are a seasoned Android user or a newcomer to the world of rooting, this guide is for you. So, let’s dive in!

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube app that offers a range of additional features and customization options. Developed by XDA Developers, the app is designed specifically for rooted Android devices, although it can also be installed on non-rooted devices with the help of an additional app called MicroG.

Some of the key features of YouTube Vanced include ad-blocking, background playback, and the ability to override video resolution and playback speed. In addition, the app offers a range of customization options, including themes, layouts, and language settings.


One of the most popular features of YouTube Vanced is its ad-blocking functionality. With this feature enabled, users can enjoy uninterrupted playback of their favorite videos without having to sit through ads. This is particularly useful for longer videos or playlists, where ads can be especially disruptive.

It’s worth noting that YouTube Vanced uses a different method of ad-blocking than traditional ad-blockers, which can sometimes be detected and blocked by YouTube. Instead, the app uses a custom DNS server to block ads at the network level, ensuring that they never even reach your device.

Background Playback

Another popular feature of YouTube Vanced is its ability to play videos in the background, even when the app is not open or the screen is locked. This is especially useful for music videos or podcasts, where you may want to listen to the audio without having the video playing in the foreground.

To enable background playback, simply start playing a video in YouTube Vanced and then exit the app or lock your screen. The audio will continue playing in the background, and you can control playback using the notification panel or lock screen controls.

Video Resolution and Playback Speed

One of the lesser-known features of YouTube Vanced is its ability to override the default video resolution and playback speed settings. With this feature enabled, users can watch videos in higher quality or at a faster or slower speed than the default settings allow.

To access these settings, simply tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the video player and select “Quality” or “Playback speed.” From there, you can choose your preferred resolution or speed, or select “Override” to use a custom setting.

How to Install YouTube Vanced on Rooted Devices

Now that you know what YouTube Vanced is and what it can do, let’s talk about how to install it on your rooted Android device. The installation process is relatively straightforward, although it does require a bit of technical know-how and some familiarity with rooting.

Step 1: Download YouTube Vanced APK and MicroG

The first step in installing YouTube Vanced is to download the APK file for the app. You can find the latest version of the APK on the XDA Developers website or through other trusted sources.

In addition to the YouTube Vanced APK, you will also need to download an additional app called MicroG. This app is required to enable some of the advanced features of YouTube Vanced, such as signing in to your Google account and accessing your subscriptions.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

Before you can install the YouTube Vanced APK and MicroG, you will need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings. To do this, go to “Settings” > “Security” and toggle on the “Unknown sources” option.

Step 3: Install YouTube Vanced APK and MicroG

Once you have downloaded the YouTube Vanced APK and MicroG, navigate to the folder where they are stored and tap on each file to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts to install both apps, making sure to grant any necessary permissions when prompted.

Step 4: Open YouTube Vanced and Enjoy!

Once you have installed both YouTube Vanced and MicroG, you can open YouTube Vanced and start enjoying its advanced features and customization options. Simply sign in to your Google account (if desired) and start browsing your favorite videos and channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to install YouTube Vanced on your rooted device and what it can do, let’s tackle some common questions and concerns about the app.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is safe to use on rooted devices. However, as with any app that modifies the behavior of another app, there is always some risk involved, and it’s important to download YouTube Vanced from a trusted source to ensure that you are getting a legitimate version of the app.

Can I Use YouTube Vanced on Non-Rooted Devices?

Yes, you can use YouTube Vanced on non-rooted devices, although you will need to install an additional app called MicroG to enable some of the advanced features. Keep in mind that some features, such as ad-blocking, may not work as well on non-rooted devices.

How Do I Update YouTube Vanced?

To update YouTube Vanced, simply download the latest APK file from the XDA Developers website or another trusted source and install it over your existing version of the app. You will also need to update MicroG if a new version is available.

What Should I Do If YouTube Vanced Stops Working?

If YouTube Vanced stops working or encounters an error, the first thing to try is clearing the app’s cache and data. If that doesn’t work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app, or download a different version of the APK from a trusted source.

Are There Any Risks to Rooting My Device?

Rooting your Android device can provide a range of benefits, including access to advanced customization options and the ability to install apps like YouTube Vanced. However, it also carries some risks, such as the potential for security vulnerabilities or voided warranties. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to root your device.


That’s everything you need to know about YouTube Vanced for rooted devices! We hope this guide has been helpful in explaining the app’s features and benefits, as well as providing a step-by-step guide to installing it on your device. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us directly. Happy streaming!

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